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Free IT Service for START UPs and young companies

Start Up IT Service Assistance

Start Up IT Service Assistance
In order to boost the growth of startups, we are launching a new service to accompany them in their growth. We offer the following FREE IT SERVICES:
- Website development and integration with search engine optimization(SEO)
- ERP, CRM, Marketing tools installation and deployment
- Support for Microsoft Office suit, Windows 7/8/Server, ERP, CRM and other tools
- Advice on all IT related issues
- Training on various softwares
- Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other advertisements
- Network Configuration

How do you proceed?

- Just register then,
- We will offer full and constant online assistance for 3 Months after which you are free to continue working with us or not.
- We will provide free website set up and availability[1]
What do Startups gain?
- Reduce your starting cost
- Follow up your business with the professional tools related to your domain
- Market your products effectively
- Profit from the experience of experts in IT
- Increase your visibility marketing tools

For more details contact us at:

[1] If you wish to have your own domain, you will have to pay for it. Subdomains are free.

Liste de nos services

Pourquoi nous choisir:

Nous offrons le meilleurs rapport qualité, prix et résultats en informatique.

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– Formations:

o Sage Saari

o Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint

o Microsoft Project

o Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Environment

o Environment Linux

o OpenERP

o OpenBravo

o Développement web PHP, JavaEE

o Base de données

– Développement des logiciels d’entreprise:

o Développement des applications web

o Développement des applications autonome

o Développement des applications mobile

– Development des sites web

o Developpment des applications des orgnaitions

o Mise a jour des sites web.

– Maintenance de logiciel

– Maintenance du park informatique:

o Backup et Mise a jour

o Réparation des systèmes

– Nos solutions pour le business Intelligence

o Solutions de reporting

o Analyse du marché

– Media Marketing

o Logos Design

o Conception(déssin) des brochures, flyers

Nos Partenaires: Djo Advanced Services (Printing press, it and marketing solutions), BISIG et bien d’autres.

Contactez nous pour plus de détails.

Nous sommes disponible dans les pays suivants Australia, Canada, countries. Nigeria, Cameroun

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