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Free IT Service for START UPs and young companies

Start Up IT Service Assistance

Start Up IT Service Assistance
In order to boost the growth of startups, we are launching a new service to accompany them in their growth. We offer the following FREE IT SERVICES:
- Website development and integration with search engine optimization(SEO)
- ERP, CRM, Marketing tools installation and deployment
- Support for Microsoft Office suit, Windows 7/8/Server, ERP, CRM and other tools
- Advice on all IT related issues
- Training on various softwares
- Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other advertisements
- Network Configuration

How do you proceed?

- Just register then,
- We will offer full and constant online assistance for 3 Months after which you are free to continue working with us or not.
- We will provide free website set up and availability[1]
What do Startups gain?
- Reduce your starting cost
- Follow up your business with the professional tools related to your domain
- Market your products effectively
- Profit from the experience of experts in IT
- Increase your visibility marketing tools

For more details contact us at: openservice@briok.net

[1] If you wish to have your own domain, you will have to pay for it. Subdomains are free.