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Why to choose us: Briok is an organization specialized in the IT services. At briok.net we put FIRST quality. At briok we do our best to satisfy our clients. At Briok we provide our clients with the best pieces of advice to enable them make the best strategic choices. At Briok we aim at making companies earn more through IT solutions. We provide IT solutions for different small, medium and big companies. These solutions include training, personalized IT software development, Software integration, software and computer system maintenance. We provide assistance for IT companies in software development

Our services:

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– Training : We offer training in the following domains:

o Sage Saari

o Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint

o Microsoft Project

o Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Environment

o Linux Environment

o Sage Saari

o OpenERP environment

o Web development with PHP, JavaEE

o Database management

– Enterprise software development:

o Web app development

o Standalone/Desktop software

o Mobile Apps

– Website development

o Website development for organizations

o Website optimization for companies

– Software Maintenance

o Computer System Maintenance :

o Computer System data saving

o Computer System repair

o Other system

– It solutions for Business Intelligence

o Reporting solutions

o Data analysis

– Media Marketing

o Logos Design , Brochures Design

Our partners:

Djo Advanced Services (Printing press, it and marketing solutions), BISIG, and many others.

Contact us for more details. We are available in the following Australia, Canada, countries. Nigeria, Cameroon


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