Sticky agenda developper

Sticky agenda is developped by MOMO Ludovic and tested by Lacpa Romeo. It has also been testing by the team, where it is available for download.

Sticky Agenda is a cross-platform application that enables you to write, manage and sync sticky notes across multiple computers. The application was written in Java, so you can use it on almost every major desktop operating system. It also has a cloud based platform to users acces thier notes form every where.

Download Sticky Agenda 1.4-windows for windows

Download sticky-agenda 1.4 mac for Mac/Linux  (Step1. Donwload java, Step2 : Download, extract the files and execute the jar file in the dist folder)

Clic here to access your cloud note storage app

Clic to download User ManualSticky agenda a été  developpé par MOMO Ludovic.

Il a été testé par Lacpa Romeo.

Il a été testé par

Télécharger sticky-agend 1.4 mac pour MAC/Linux

Télécharger Sticky Agenda 1.4-windows pour Windows

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