FrameCapture Chat software

Framecapture is a local network chat sotfware and videosurviellance software. FrameCapture provides users with an intuitive webcam viewer and surveillance application that also comes with chatting capabilities, enabling you to stay in touch with other computers in the same network. FrameCapture features a contact management tool that you can use to store detailed information about all the other users in the network. It includes a built-in audio player that supports common music file formats, allowing you to share your favorite songs with others. Features as a Chat Software: – On windows framecapture provides an automatic search for local computers. This helps users that are not very used to networking to be able to add local computers (or users) without any stress. – Video chat – Text chat – Status update Download links:
For mac and linux: Download Framecapture BETA for mac and linux
For Windows: Download FrameCapture BETA for windows

Frame capture est un logiciel de chat en local sur PC. Il propose une interface simple pour gérer les conversations en local avec différentes machines.
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Téléchargez ce logiciel pour mac et linux:
framecapture BETA for mac and linux

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