Sticky Cash, manage your cash easily with professionalism

Have a trace of every single cash in & out using graphs, lists and a search tool.

Sticky Cash is a simple and easy to use app that helps users to record all their cash entries and expenses, and appreciate the cash flow with comprehensive graphs.

Your can synchronize and store remotely your cash flow on This will permit you to recover your data when there is a phone failure or when you change phone.

It also includes an efficient search tool to help people find specific expenses or cash entries. Moreover it includes a simple alert system that notifies users once they reach their maximum daily or monthly expense.

Try it today you will not be deceived.


– Cloud storage with automatic synchronisation if the user wishes

– Uses graphs to present the cash flow

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– Easy to use

– Completely free

– Free support


Accédez à la plateforme web de sauvegarde en cliquant ici (Enregistrement requis)

get it on playstore logo

Vous n’avez pas acces a google play? Téléchargez l’application directement ici

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