Sticky Agenda Mobile version

Are you just tired of  writing notes and wish just to record them as  audio?

Have you ever jotted a note and noticed you forgot them at home when you reached the office? or Written jotted a note but you just forgot to read when it was time to act?

How many times have you jotted notes and just noticed that it was the one you deleted that was important?

Sticky Agenda comes to solve these issues!

Using Sticky Agenda does not require any special knowledge and can be easily operated within minutes after the first launch.

Moreover in the cloud based platform you can set an email reminder for multiple emails for a given note. To make it more accessible you can set/make a note public, this will permit non registered users to view the note. This will be very usefull for a group agenda or a public event agenda.

Furthermore, you are able to write anything into the note and then schedule it. In other words, you can create reminders using the text in the note. The scheduling options are quite flexible, as the app allows you to set reminders for next days, months or year and to select which days and months to activate it.


Clic to Download the android version
Start planning today with sticky agenda.



-Record Audio notes and attatch reminders to them

-Automatic web synchronization

-Automatic synchronization between multiple PCs

-Easy notes reminder setting

– Email reminders

– View and restore deleted notes

Support is free on

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